Portrait of Terry Serpico

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Last weekend was the unveiling of my latest commission, a portrait of Terry Serpico. Terry is an American film and television actor and is loved by his many fans most notably for his portrayal of Col. Frank Sherwood in television series Army Wives. In celebration of his birthday, we were treated to viewing the thriller Michael Clayton where Terry filled the screen as well as that other guy Mr. Clooney somebody.
Terry Serpico Unveilingterry serpico photoIt was Terry’s lovely girlfriend, Tuesday Beebe who commissioned the portrait as a surprise. She gave me a small faded photo taken almost 30 years ago of Terry on a beach in Crete. She said it was one of his favorite memories and he spoke of it on more than one occasion.


The finished piece is oil on linen 18 inches x 24 inches. I edited out some unnecessary objects, especially someone’s unidentified feet, reposition him for better composition and brought it to life. This morning I received these wonderful words from his girlfriend Tuesday: “Thank you so much for helping me create something so special and one of a kind for Terry’s birthday. He can’t stop looking at it and saying how perfect his painting is to him. Thank you very much, Sheila! you have a place in my heart forever.”

Terry Serpico portrait
Portrait of Terry Serpico. 18 x 24 in, Oil on Linen